5 New technologies used in FIFA world cup:

5 New technologies used in FIFA world cup:

5 New technologies used in FIFA world cup:

FIFA World Cup New technologies

New technologies are emerging in a rapid speed across the globe, trying to comprehend the ever-rising needs of everyday tasks from acquiring new data to automation.

The FIFA world cup is also no different to the technological innovations, the 1970 World Cup, for instance was the first one to be broadcast in color.


  1. Goal Line Technology:

Goal line technology is to be introduced and make its debut during world cup. It’s been used in European club football over the past year, mostly in the English Premier League.

It aims to assist the referees in making the right calls on whether the ball has crossed the goal line and if the goal to be awarded.

It does this by using 14 high-speed cameras positioned around the stadium which track the position of the ball in 3D.

  1. 4K Coverage and broadcast:

We don’t need to talk about how important this feature became in our daily lives, from watching Netflix to YouTube and now you can enjoy 4K resolution while watching FIFA world cup.

  1. Smart ball system:

A promising prospect has been a “smart ball” embedded with a sensor (NFC Chip), jointly developed by German corporations cairos technologies and adidas. The technology uses a network of receivers around the field designed to track the ball’s precise position in real-time including exactly where it is.

  1. Goal Ref System:

The goal ref goal detection system has been developed by the company Fraunhofer IIS. This system is a radio-based system, which uses low-frequency magnetic fields to determine whether or not the whole ball has passed over the goal line. There are two magnetic fields, one in the goal area, which uses coils attached to the goal, and the other is created in and around the ball using a passive electronic circuit embedded in the ball.

The data is processed then transmitted to the referee’s wristwatch and a message is displayed in real-time, in addition to a vibrating alert.

  1. Vanishing Spray.
  2. Brazuca
  3. Mind-Controlled robotic suit.


Not to mention the football technology & innovation team is responsible for solving existing problems in the football world by testing and implementing new technologies and innovations. In line with the FIFA Vision 2020-2023, goal 9 details FIFA’s commitment to harnessing technology to improve the game through research, development and innovation with the aim of enhancing the football experience on and off the pitch.

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