We know how to protect you

From our platform to our industry-leading selection of IP cameras and accessories, knight vision is committed to designing and delivering a broad range of high-quality IP video security products and systems that make the world a safer place.

We can help you to keep an eye on your place


Security is important in today’s world. People want to know that their homes are protected, so we provide more than just security for your home. We look at all the potential risk indicators and also supply customized solutions that best fit your needs.


We offer many security solutions for commercial environments such as office complexes, shopping centers, hotels and others to ensure the safety of personnel and improve operational flexibility.


We know and understand the nature of farming 24/7/365. This is a non-stop career, we can play an important role to assist and support farm security through our security monitoring solutions.

Vehicles & motors

Real-time tracking of vehicles, such as forklift and  clamps which helps your logistics and production managers achieve greater efficiency, profitability and safer work environment by making better use of your fleet, cutting down on wasted man hours and more importantly, preventing accidents.

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