Knight Vision Temperature Detection / Face Recognition Terminal / Time Attendance


Knight Vision Canada for Security Solutions, located in Windsor Ontario.

Temperature Detection / Face Recognition Terminal / Time Attendance / Dark Grey

  • Keep your employees and yourself safe with KNIGHT VISION, with features like temperature detection and face recognition.
  • Able to recognize multiple faces, ID cards, usernames and even scan the body’s temperature for abnormal spikes.


1. Support of dynamic face detection and adopting ADVANCED face recognition tracking algorithms.

2. Instant face recognition within 0.2 seconds.

3. Face recognition for up to 3 meters.

4. Support LED and infrared fill light at night.

5. Support live movement detection.

6. Infrared temperature detection sensor.

7. Precisely detect temperature binocular seizing and live face identification.

8. Support USB flash drive download for the Excel files of detailed temperature detection record and attendance report.

9. Temperature detection distance: 0.5 meter.

10. Detection error is 0.5 C.

Size:5 inch

Screen Resolution (pixel): 854*480

Camera: 2M Pixel HD color camera, 1M Infrared camera

FRR: <0.1%

FAR: <0.001%

User capacity: 3,000

Recognition distance: 0.5-3 meter

Recognition time: <0.2s

Comparison mode: 1:1 1: N

Record Capacity: 1,000,000

Identification style: Visible Light Facial Recognition, PIN, face & PIN combination

LED: Double high power infrared light

Application: Access control, attendance and so much more…


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