Thermal Detection Camera

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Knight Vision Canada for Security Solutions, located in Windsor Ontario.

2M Dual Eyes Thermal IP Cube Camera

If the temperature of the skin in key areas (especially the corner of the eye and forehead) is above average temperature, then the individual may be selected for additional screening. Identifying individuals with EBT, who should then be further screened with virus-specific diagnostic tests, can help reduce or dramatically slow the spread of viruses and infections.

→ Quickly screen the temperature of the People entering Places
→ When an abnormal temperature is found, an alarm will be issued to inform them and then the People will be asked to do the second measurement.

Main Features:

  • Dual Sensor IP camera
  • Visible Image for Video 2M pixels Hi-resolution
  • Detecting Environment Temperature
  • High Temperature Alarm I/O (CGI Support)
  • Temperature Risk Management
  • Motion Detection
  • Support 12Vdc & PoE
  • White LEDs

Save testing time, avoid congestion at the entrance and exit, and prevent fever personnel from entering and spreading viruses



  • Education Places
  • Factory/ Office Building
  • Retail/gym/restaurants

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